1. striking another print without adding more ink; a second print made from the remaining ink on a matrix, block, or plate after the first print has been pulled 
  2. also known as a cognate or rétage
  3. in a monoprint or monotype, may provide the basis or working up a subsequent image
  4. lighter, thinner, fainter - a suggestion of the first
  5. sometimes considered inferior by collectors
  6. spectral, eerie, haunting, ethereal

This open call is for prints or related work that fits the definitions and themes outlined above either strictly by process or under a broader conceptual framework. 

Ghost in the Machine
August 23 - September 13

Shoestring Studio
640 Classon Ave

Opening August 23 7:30 - 9:30PM

Linda Berkowitz
Claire Blanchette
Ehren Clodfelter
Tania Cruz
Caro Fidel
Lauraly Grossman
Noémie Jennifer
Autumn Kioti
Helena La Rota Lopez
Scott Magin
Chelsea Nader
Osheron Anne
Lahana Palencia
Sylvia Scahill
Sian Smith
Bennet Sundlie
Sara Zielinski

A selection of ghostly works in various forms of printmaking, curated by Caro Fidel.


Open Call for Ghost in the Machine

Deadline for submissions: July 18th, 2018


We are primarily seeking works utilizing traditional printmaking processes such as monoprint/monotype, intaglio (collograph, etching, drypoint), lithography, silkscreen, relief, letterpress. Other works will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Using the form below, you may submit up to 1-3 works for consideration; to show detail, you will be allowed 6 total images for a total of 2MB.  A $13 submission fee will be used to defray the cost of review and exhibition.

Ghost in the Machine will open on August 23rd and run through September 13th. Please do not mail submissions until asked.  If accepted, you will be notified by August 1st and must deliver your work in-person or by mail to Shoestring Press by August 12th. You must pick up your work in person by September 16th, or provide appropriate packaging with prepaid shipping for return by mail.