Our Printmaking Equipment

Included with membership is access to our shop equipment, including but not limited to...


  • Screens available for member use in assorted mesh counts up to 48″ in size
  • Octopus textile printing press, accommodates four screens and standard sized t-shirts
  • Screen printing stations of various sizes, drying racks for prints.
  • Home-built exposure unit able to shoot screens up to 60" (and probably bigger!)
  • Home-built vacuum table 
  • Assorted water-based Speedball silkscreen inks, Holden textile inks
  • Member discounts on printing transparencies up to 24" wide in-house on our Epson 7900

Etching, lithography and relief printing

  • Grand Press motorized Intaglio/Lithography/Relief Conversion Press, 28″ width, no length restriction

  • 1915 cast iron Fuchs & Lang Lithography Press, 34" width
  • Limestone lithography stones of various sizes for member use
  • Vertical ferric acid bath for copperplate etching, accommodates up to 24" plates
  • Aquatint rosin box, and aquatint non-toxic alternative using airbrush hard-ground
  • Assorted oil-based inks for relief printing, etching and lithography
  • Home-built electroplating bath for copper plates
  • Power tools including Dremel, power chisel, jigsaw, and more
  • Assorted paper available for purchase by the sheet, at no markup from retail


  • Epson 7900 printer ("Baby"), takes rolls and sheets up to 24" in width, no length restriction
  • Photo papers in stock available for purchase in luster and matte finishes
  • Transparency on roll and sheet
  • Laserjet Sharp photocopier, takes standard paper sizes up to 11"x17"