Etching - Line and Tone


Etching - Line and Tone

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This two-session course introduces students to the essentials of mark-making and printing techniques in etching.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • January 27 - February 2 11AM-6PM
  • April 21 - April 28 11AM-6PM

Materials included. The first introductory session may be taken as a stand-alone.

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About the course

Whether you've never made a print before or you're an artist brushing up your etching skills, the first session of this course will have you completing your own multi-state print from start to finish, exploring drypoint, hardground, and softground techniques for making line etchings. In the second session, learn to make plates with a rich tonal range using aquatint and allied techniques of sugarlift and spitbite. You'll learn all major intaglio techniques, from aquatint to softground, spit-bite and sugar lift. This small course with lots of hands-on personal attention is taught by Caro Fidel, Shoestring's shop manager.

Session I can be taken as a stand-alone for beginners.

Etching I – Drypoint, Softground, Hardground

Appropriate for beginners in the medium and those who have never made prints before, techniques covered include preparing plates, creating images using drypoint and hardground, inking and wiping, and printing from start to finish. The course will include all materials.

Etching II – Aquatint, Spit Bite, and Sugarlift 

Learn to create painterly effects with aquatint-based techniques such as using stage biting, spit bite and sugarlift. Students will work on the same plates used in the first class, expanding the range of expressive techniques used to create a complex print.


About the Instructor

Caro Fidel is the shop manager at Shoestring Press.

A native of Brooklyn, Caro is a graduate of Smith College, where they earned a degree
in Studio Art and a certificate in Museum Studies. On a global scale, they have studied
printmaking and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York, art history at
Jagellonian University in Kraków, German with the Institut für Internationale
Kommunikation in Berlin, and printmaking at the Taller Experimental de Gràphica in

As a freelance artist, they have served clients such as the Polish-American Fashion
Foundation and Verboten. They have shown their work at venues such as LIC Flea, the
Good Room, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, and of course, Shoestring Press. Caro first
joined Shoestring as a member in 2014.