Lithography Fundamentals: Crayon and Tusche


Lithography Fundamentals: Crayon and Tusche


Learn basic to advanced techniques in stone lithography with traditional drawing materials. 

Three sessions on Sunday afternoons, 12pm - 6pm

Upcoming Sessions:

  • February 11-25


Includes materials.

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About the course

Throughout the course, each student will have their own stone to work on, care for, and develop a relationship with. Includes the benefits of shop membership for the duration of the course, so that students may practice drawing and printing outside of class hours.

About the Instructor

LANE SELL, founder, owner and master printer of Shoestring Press, is a graduate of Columbia University, where he studied Classics and Visual Art. He has instructed at Columbia and New Jersey City University, and for the past five years has run Shoestring Press in Brooklyn, working with artists and members as well as instructing classes in a variety of print mediums. In 2013 and 2014, his silkscreen work won grants from Brooklyn Arts Council.